New Year is just around the corner and promises some exciting new developments in kitchen cabinetry. For me, cabinetry is the heart and soul of a beautiful kitchen. Well-constructed cabinets are warm and inviting and pull the entire kitchen design together. Making the right choice in terms of material, finishes and placement of the cabinets can make a small kitchen appear open and fresh. My advice is to always invest in high end, strong cabinetry that will last the wear and tear of everyday use.
Here are my top 5 kitchen cabinet trends for 2014:

1. Natural finishes –

Cherry wood cabinets have been in fashion for the past couple of years. But the trend is now wearing off and moving towards more natural finishes and lesser used woods. There is growing appreciation for natural textures and grains. Exotic woods like alder and earth – friendly bamboo are gaining momentum and the year 2014 will be all about going natural and sustainable. Light colored stains like whites, off-whites and natural finishes will also help your kitchen appear larger and open.

2. Concealed appliances –

Built in cabinets that conceal the appliances are a huge trend slated to peak in 2014. Concealed appliances blend in seamlessly without breaking the visual appeal of the kitchen. Large stainless steel appliances that were once the shining jewel of the kitchen are now being hidden behind the cabinets to make the kitchen appear well balanced and not overpowered by appliances.

3. Ornate Details –
Shaker style cabinets have always been a timeless classic but for 2014 the trend is moving towards more decorative, embellished details on the cabinets that add interest to plain, boring ones. I believe in paying great attention to details and for me an easy way to update simple cabinets is by adding crown moldings and cut – outs. Look out for ornamental details inspired by French country styles.

4. Glass door cabinets with colorful accents –

There is a growing interest in country- style look for kitchen cabinets in 2014. Instead of shutting the cabinets entirely, see through glass-front cabinet doors in white and off-white are gaining momentum. The glass reflects light making the kitchen appear fresh and airy. These are great for displaying your collection of vintage china. To add further interest pops of color are being introduced by simply painting the inside of the cabinet in a cheery color. These bold accents set off by the white exteriors of the cabinets are high on impact and great to match the color scheme of your house.

5. Floor to ceiling cabinets –

Instead of filling the entire kitchen with cabinets and leaving no space to breathe, designers are opting for floor to ceiling cabinets instead. Full height cabinets create adequate storage space improving the aesthetic and balance of the kitchen. These floor to ceiling cabinets can be a mix of drawers and glass doors and can house everything from utensils, small appliances, cook books and linens in the same place. A floor to ceiling cabinet placed against a blank wall makes good use of the otherwise dead space.

14 thoughts on “Kitchen cabinet design trends for 2014

  1. Lynn Black

    Just had our kitchen redone with a fridge AND a dishwasher “CONCEALED” I love it!! If you were to ask me, it’s well worth the money.

  2. Randy B.

    So, now to the #1 room in a home…the kitchen. Arguably the biggest selling point of a home and one that the decision maker (wife) usually makes her decision on. So her3e we really experience the WOW factor.

    Styles of course change and we have many things to consider. Cabinets…do the need to be replaced or restored? The white farm look is still popular or the rich hickory feel can really sell a house. I done both.

    Appliances are really important. If I am spending more that 200k on a house it is going to have stainless steel all matching appliances.

    And to set that off we look at at granite or quartz counter tops. In homes under 200K the laminates are going in. They have made great strides in reproducing granite anymore. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference until you feel it. Use your discretion.

    On homes over 250K you have a lot to work with because of the budget allowed for the kitchen. the new types of fridge are French Doors and the stainless steel is non smudge now.

  3. Rick

    Man, this article really opened my eyes to some new possibilities when it comes to doing kitchens! Hiding stainless steel appliances goes against my thought process, but I can see how it could be appealing. I may have to try it in the future.

  4. Craig M

    One little comment that I would say about the kitchen design, it the kitchen cabinets and appliances, should complement one another. What I mean by this is, when you use dark wood, use black appliances or if you are willing to spend a little more or have more in your budget, then you could choose stainless steel. Most rehabbers are cutting it close on the budget, so I just say use what compliments your colors. Lighter colored cabinets might look better with white appliances.

  5. Shah

    I love kitchens, I know kitchens sell to women but men are attracted to them just as well. The kitchen is the hub of the home, the better it looks and feels the easier it is to sell the house. It doesn’t hurt either that new technology has made it much eaiser to have all the toys that we want at our disposal.

  6. Toni

    Most people don’t like white kitchen cabinets, but I do. White to me is always clean and fresh looking. Match it with some red and black and there you have it.

  7. Mandy

    I love the dark stain that is often applied to many of the kitchens on flippin vegas.
    Wondered if anyone knew the details of the product as from what I see in the UK nothing comes close to coverage, colour & finish.
    Mandy xXx
    P.s I sooo love all the houses on Flippin Vegas, I soooo wish UK houses where similar in style instead of being so boxy – love the whole open plan kitchen/entertaining idea.
    P.p.s Scott & Amie you rock!!! Amie a gal after my own heart, always pick the most expensive!!! lol
    Can I be your new besties lol 😉 xXx

  8. brian carter

    I love the show,one of my favorites. Though I think,Amy goes overboard with the home upgrades. They always come out beautiful and breathtaking. And Scott always seems to meet his projected profit every time. This fan

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