The Bathroom is a key feature in any house that most designers often tend to ignore. Over the years, I have come to realize that a good looking kitchen and a relaxing bathroom can actually make or break a potential sale. When designing interiors of houses we intend to flip, I ensure that the master bath is visually stunning and fitted with luxurious modern amenities.
So, if you are planning to renovate your bathroom or make a few changes, here are 3 popular trends for 2014 that will help take your bathroom a notch higher:

1. Keep it muted –

Inspired by the shabby chic trend, the past few years have been all about splashing bright colors all over your bathrooms. From bright greens to powder pinks, bathrooms have been all about overpowering bright colors. The trend peaked in 2013 and for 2014 bright colors have made way for muted, neutral tones in the bathroom. Bright colors in the bathroom tends to make the space feel smaller and very busy. Paint your bathroom in shades of whites, creams, pastel blues and greens. Muted colors will add a serene feeling and a much more relaxing atmosphere.

2. Spa-like feel –

The year 2014 is slated to be all about sophisticated, minimalistic bathroom design. Think of clean lines, fluidity and futuristic bath fixtures. Bring a spa-like feel to your master bath by indulging in floating sinks and softer, contoured shapes that bring a serene feel to the bathroom and give a feeling of spaciousness. Strong angular structures and sharp edges will be a thing of the past. Add depth to the bathroom by incorporating textures in the bathroom with mosaic tiles that feel luxurious and modern. Blend in futuristic trends like a waterfall shower, modern touch faucets, and heated floors to add interest and visual splendor.

3. Light up –

Light plays a crucial role in making a small space like the bathroom feel larger, spacious and calmer. Large mirrors can effectively double the light in the bathroom. If you can, add a sun roof above the bath tub for natural light to filter in. Bring in state of the art modern lighting fixtures and candlelight like lighting for a spa experience. Add luxurious, French design inspired elements like marble counters and glass back splashes that make the bathroom gleam even in low light.

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