What’s with me and my cars?

Scott and McLaren

I’ve always loved cars.  Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of money.  In fact, when I was 16, I sold my drums for $350 bucks, and I went and bought a ’67 Mustang that had the most perfect interior, but the front end looked like it hit a wall at 50 mph.  The front end looked like it was a growling shark, teeth and all. (Try to picture that) So, I bought the Mustang for $350.  There was a ‘trip’ going on with my high school, but I didn’t have the money to go on it, but I had a rich aunt who said: “Hey, I’ll pay for that trip for you!”  As you can imagine I was quite taken back by her offer…  But, I told her “what I’d really like to do if you don’t mind is take your generous offer, and fix my car up that I bought!”

So I actually took that money and put it towards my car repairs.  My Grandfather owned a carousel horse business, and he traded a big wood rocking carousel horse to the owner of the body shop to help me with the body work on my car.  I ended up getting back the most sick, perfect, red Mustang with a perfect black interior!  It had amazing wheels on it, the engine ran perfectly, and the bumpers were all re-chromed, and it was SPOTLESS… You wouldn’t know that it was a day old.

I grew up in a school where kids drove brand new Corvettes, brand new BMW convertibles and all that in Hollywood… my car was STILL one of the coolest cars in my high school.  From that point on, people always wanted it…wanted to buy it off me, so I traded it for this really cool Toyota 4 wheel drive which was worth like $6000 bucks at the time.  So I did a little trade up, and made a little money, and ended up flipping that into another car, and another, and another… so by the time I’m in college, I’m in a new BMW, and from there it never really stopped.   I’ve had over fifty cars since the Mustang, and I’m 44.  I love a lot of things about cars, but probably  the most fun I have with cars is the fact that I work a lot, it’s always fun to get a quick rush hitting the on and off ramps at 150 every day.  For me, it’s better than a cup of coffee to get the blood flowing.

One of my favorite things to do when I have time, (which isn’t very often) is to go to the racetrack and play with my sports cars the way they were actually designed for, in a safe and controlled environment. That is one of my MOST favorite things to do…  People always wonder how I can drive these cars…always saying it must be so hard to get in and out of, so bumpy, and so loud…  All I can say is: “Isn’t it great? I drive a street legal race car every day!  I love it!”


12 thoughts on “What’s with me and my cars?

  1. Melchor Villa

    My first car was a 1976 Subaru 4 door. That car could take a major beating… It would back fire like clockwork exactly 10 seconds after revving the motor and shutting it off… Got a million laughs out of that! I’ll never forget ‘popping the hood’ and finding that the spare tire was on TOP of the engine! What a car…

  2. Craig M

    It is so interesting to see and hear what really interests other people to do what they do. Some of us have a passion for cars; others have a passion for motorcycles or whatever it might be for you. The GREAT thing about Real Estate is; whatever your passion, Real Estate can be the vehicle to make your dreams come true.
    I have 3 daughters that decided to get married within 18 months of each other. Real Estate helped me to make that happen; otherwise I have no idea how I would have made that happen. This was not my passion, but our lives have circumstances that always bring some sort of concern to our situation. I am grateful to Real Estate to help with those issues, whatever they may be.

  3. David

    My first care was a total grocery getter a wood-grain ford LTD wagon with the seats that flipped up in the back. They definitely made fun of me in high school, but my parents figured I would have a harder time killing myself surrounded by so much metal and they were right! I won the Rutland VT county fair Demo derby 2 years in a row with that BEAST!!! First time in state fair history that has ever happened…..True Story!

  4. Avatar of Sandy StClairSandy StClair

    Love your story about the car’s you have a great flair.You have a great appreciation for finer things.See where hard work and not being spoiled made you who you are.You should talk to some of the troubled youth of today.Wish they had a car to work on to race and have a great interest.

    1. Melchor Villa

      That is a McLaren MP4-12C…. I had to look it up. It’s a bit nicer than any of the cars I drive! I read on Scott’s twitter page somewhere that he’s getting a new Porsche early next year. (How would that be?) I’ll ask him if he needs me to hang on to that McLaren for him so he can drive his new car!

  5. Damon

    I too have always been a car guy, my first was an 87 montecarlo SS silver with t tops burgendy interior and nice deep dish mag wheels. And I have had quite a few cars since I’m 40 now. A few muscle cars and evey say cars,but since buying my first porsche I was hooked a used 944 turbo guards red, loved it and then a 930 turbo same year an 86. All the way up to today my 12 White GTS cab. And in another life I would be a professional race car driver, last year in may we went out to Vegas and I took several laps at tr exotics racing track loved it, tried my hand in the 997 turbo S then then aventador and finally the 458! That car is very nimble on. Track! Always enjoy the show! Keep on flipping

  6. Donna

    So cool to hear-flipping stuff started at an early age for you-is that why your so good at it ?( your lovely wife is a great bonus too).

  7. Lee Saenz

    1992 Honda Accord 2 door, bought it in 1996, drove it for three weeks… A pregnant lady ran her stop sign and T-boned me… Total loss, had it customized earlier. Alpine system, hands free doors, lowered with sport rims. Had about 6 thousand into it, the car had 20k miles, I was so sad, but glad the lady did not get hurt or the baby. After I’ve had 2 Acuras, 2 Civics, 2 Accords. Currently I drive a RL 3.5, love my Honda motors.

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